Students very focused and ambitious


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Students very focused and ambitious

Thursday 28th September, 2017

Donata Vosshage has been a teacher for 12 years and started at Agnew at the beginning of this year as head of department for English and LOTE.

Like quite a few teachers, one of the obvious differences between OneSchool and other private and public schools is the dedication to virtual classroom and self-directed learning.

“The main difference for me is the delivery of VC lessons to other campuses,” says Donata. “I am very supportive of the SDL program as it enables young people to develop a stronger responsibility for their learning and it is an individualised approach towards achieving best results.”

She finds the working environment friendly and the students very focused on what they want to achieve.

“I enjoy the work ethic and dedication of the staff and students,” says Donata. “The collegial support is great and it is a very friendly and positive work environment. I find the students to be very polite, dedicated, focused and ambitious.”

Like any school community, parental involvement is important. Like many teachers around the country who are involved in the OneSchool teaching environment, Donata finds the parents are interested in what is going on at the school and in the progress of their children.

“I’ve had very good experiences with parents,” says Donata. Not only are they interested in the progress of students, but they have been very supportive of the teaching faculty.”