Questacon Visit


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Questacon Visit

The Darling Down's campus was extremely priviledged to have the Shell Questacon travelling science circus visit & perform some science shows for us!

The names of the people who came to do our science show were Ben and Erin-Jane.After the introduction, Erin-Jane gave examples on a few different types of energy and how they can be transferred from one object to another. One example was using a basketball. She held the basketball in her hand and asked us if we thought the ball had energy inside it. The correct answer was yes because it had potential energy inside it, which is energy waiting to be used. She then bounced it and the potential energy was used so therefore the ball bounced. She then introduced us to Chuck, her kinetic sand filled balloon. After getting a year three student to throw it at the ground, all it did was go flat. She then placed it on top of the basketball and dropped the basketball on the ground. Before we saw what was going to happen, most of us thought Chuck would just fall off and the basketball would rebound into the air. Surprisingly for some, the basketball stayed on the ground and Chuck went springing high into the air! Another example of transferring energy Erin-Jane used was when she gathered four volunteers, one from each year level, and stood them shoulder to shoulder from tallest to shortest and with Ben ready to hold the shortest person up, gave the tallest person a small shove! They toppled like dominos and went sprawling! Then she got Ben to give the shortest person a fairly large shove. We were rather surprised when only the slightest movement reached the end of the line! That is because energy is transferred better from a large object into a small object.

Ben then took command of the show and gave us a few demonstrations on gravity, pressure and strength. First, after telling us a story, he gave some demonstrations on pressure and strength. He chose a volunteer and together they pulled on a rope. They then pushed on it and it just crumpled. That wasn’t hard to guess was it…! He next stood two blocks up and put a piece of paper, like a roof, on top of the two blocks. Then he put a smaller block on top of the paper, all it did was collapse in. After asking us a few questions, he pulled out a corrugated piece of paper and put it on the blocks. Next he put a block on the paper…nothing happened, so he piled more and more on and finally it collapsed under close to a kilogram of weight on it! He gave us a few more demonstrations similar to that and moved onto the next thing. Getting a ready-made board with two wood bits attached to either end, he put two rounded wooden blocks on it and placed six irregular 3D shapes on top, so compacted were they that when he slid the rounded wooden blocks out from underneath, it stayed standing easily. Then, to extend the point, he stood on top of the structure and jumped up and down. It didn’t move one little bit.

All in all it was a wonderful and extremely educational time, so thanks very much Miss Talbot for arranging an electrifying event like this. All the students enjoyed the Questacon science circus visit.

By Montana Caldwell (Year 6)