Primary School News - Science Excursion to Planetarium


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Primary School News - Science Excursion to Planetarium

Near the end of last term, Agnew’s Brisbane campus’s primary school visited the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium in Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens. It was the first time the whole primary school had been on an outing together.

Opened in 1978, the planetarium is home to the Cosmic Skydome, a 12.5-metre diameter projection dome. It has plenty of digital displays, models and exhibits, including one interactive display where visitors can explore the moon’s surface and the Milky Way Galaxy.

For most of the term, Years 3 and 4 have been studying the Earth and its place in our Solar System. They especially concentrated on the movement of the Moon around the Earth, and the Earth around the Sun.

The visit was a great success and resulted in the students producing some fantastic, informative posters on why night and day occur, the different phases of the Moon, and how Earth’s only natural satellite affects the oceans’ tides.

Our Year 5 and 6 students focused on the solar system and how the Earth is just a small part of it.

Everybody agreed that their favourite part of the visit was the presentation in the Cosmic Stardome presented by planetarium staff.  It gave us some fascinating real-time information on the stars, planets, the moon and how our solar system works. The students were impressive with their knowledge answering most questions posed to them by the staff. It was a great day enjoyed by all, and the students represented the school with aplomb.