OneSchool On Right Track Says RP After Harvard Excursion


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OneSchool On Right Track Says RP After Harvard Excursion

Agnew Regional Principal (RP) Damien Barry recently completed a visit to the prestigious Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts where he became immersed in Project Zero’s Cultures of Thinking (CoT) course.

“This essentially a think tank of research-based educational initiatives that covers contemporary and cutting-edge educational theory and practice,” says Damien.

While there was a lot to learn, Damien focused mainly on the Cultures of Thinking part of the progam. “Whilst topics like the Maker Space and Teaching for Understanding were interesting…I zeroed in on Cultures of Thinking,” says Damien. “We can take the routines, tools and protocols of Cultures of Thinking and apply them to all lessons and particularly Self-Directed Learning (SDL). I specifically wanted to know how it could also be embedded within SDL and I found the routines and protocols of the various thinking tools highly applicable for students and teachers across OneSchool.”

The course also reinforced Damien’s opinion that OneSchool is on the right track when it comes to implementing state-of-the-art teaching practices.  “The most surprising outcome of the trip was that there were so many educators from across the world all looking to acquire similar understandings around SDL and Cultures of Thinking,” says Damien. “Many of us are on the same journey.”

And his advice for anybody who is lucky enough to find themselves being offered a similar opportunity in the future? “Keep an open mind, get to every workshop and presentation, network and learn from other educators.”