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Nambor Home Ec & Hospitality

Pizza's, wedding cakes & more...!


We would like to send out a big thank-you to all of the parents of students that supported us throughout our Business Venture. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves…. But please no more pizza!!!

Overall we made 123 Pizzas and raised $688 in profit. These profits will be put towards the school garden which we hope to have up and running to start the New Year.

Thanks , Mrs Deen and the Hospitality Class…



The Yr 7/8 girls created an amazing patchwork  cushion. They incorporated elements of applique, beading, buttons and various braids to produce a cushion that I am sure will be a stunning addition in their room. While the 9/10 girls have started making some stunning and complicated patch work quilts.

Meanwhile machines whirred away while Year 7/8s made PJs and tie dyed drawstring bags.

HOME EC- Hampers

 Year 9/10 Home Ec

During the term we have made hampers that consisted of jams, chutneys, pickles and sweets. The end products are great and very different according to our personalities.

The Yr 7/10 also cooked many other foods each week, sending delicious aromas from the kitchen over the whole school.

Click here to watch the video!

Wedding cakes- 9/10 girls

This term the year 9/10 girls made and iced wedding cakes. The first week back at school we made the ‘long lasting’ fruit cakes that were ready to decorate.

“Making flowers was a challenge for us as our hands are hot and sometimes wet and sticky resulting in bad conditions for flower making. Our modelling paste will have to be made at home with pure icing sugar, hot water, gelatine powder and glucose. The flowers have some musk flavouring as well which calls for a few nibbles during work” -  The end products looked stunning.!!

High Tea Buffet- Hospitality

The Rose Anglaise Café for our grandmothers was our first function for hospitality to be held for the year. The luncheon went extremely well and was problem free.

Our guests were extremely happy with the menu. The mini sliders and vegetable stack from the entrée menu were a hit and the Tim tam tarts and pumpkin scones were a delight.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped us in the setting up and the many items that were donated to give the Rose Anglaise Café the effect that we wanted to achieve. Thank you for your help in the cooking, serving, washing and packing up.

Thank you to Maree, Bonnie and Vanessa for your help in the kitchen.

And a big thank you to Mrs Deen for the extra-long hours you put in to help put this Luncheon together.

The Hospitality girls 

Click here to watch the video!