Music at Nambour Campus


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Music at Nambour Campus

Music at the school is progressing nicely and the school choir is proving to be a success.

On the Parent/Teacher Interviews afternoon families and staff were treated to a music performance from our students with Mr Bryce at the helm. All were delighted and most impressed. The primary did a rhythm pattern with cups and the senior girls sang in a choir.

In Term 3 again the students in primary performed a song about learning to read music notes with all the children dressed in character to match the name of a note. Year 7-8 performed an amazing rhythm pattern set in the classroom scene, with slapping and clapping patterns on text books and knees. High School girls gave a lovely rendition of a couple of songs and a hymn.

Term 4 the students practised hard for a bigger performance. The primary learning three songs with rhythm and chant. The “dog song” with dogs in costumes was delightful. The high school choir of boys and girls did three songs in harmony, and Year 7-8 performed a comedy song. Well done students- we look forward to more music at the Awards Day 2015.