Caboolture Historical Village


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Caboolture Historical Village

Thursday 17th March the Year 5 and 6 Students vsited Caboolture Historical Village.

We were excited from the moment we pulled up to be greeted by several ladies and gentlemen dressed in the traditional apparel worn during the early colonisation of Australia. With such warm weather we were very pleased that we no longer have to wear all those layers, particularly Mrs Smith and I who as teachers, would have been required to wear skirts past our ankles with TWO petticoats underneath. The students were on their best behaviour when we met the school master with his rather scary cane which was used on students for crimes such as dipping a girls braid in an ink well or throwing stones at the butcher's assistant when he rode past on his bike.

We had an exciting ride through the village on the train where we survived a daring holdup by two rather rough looking bush rangers. During our day at the village we learnt how the early colonists did their washing as well as watching a traditional blacksmith at work in his shop. We also visited the martime museum where we saw models of the ships in the first fleet and heard about the perilous journey undertaken to reach Australia. The children were also enthralled by the knowledge of the guide in the prison museum, and we all found the proson cells and morgue rather ghoulishly fascinating. We all had a wonderful day and learnt a lot about the fascinating history of Australia. A special thanks to the mums who gave up their da to accompany us.

Glenda Kelly & Nicole Smith.