Our Students

The learning process at Agnew School prepares students for a lifetime of learning beginning in Year 3.  The School fosters and promotes the early skills for learning and for life, with greater independence and self-direction developed throughout their time at the school.  By Year 12, the self-directed learning process has well prepared students for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.

Small class sizes, enables a more individual approach to each child’s education, and the rich curriculum and a focus on achievement provides the environment that enables each student to flourish. It is the learning to learn process by which Agnew school students discover their strengths and weaknesses, their preferences and the way in which they learn, hence they discover the ability to take the responsibility for their own learning, thus becoming life-long learners.

Our graduates have gained skills and aptitudes for success in their post school life. They are given opportunity to experience leadership and have participated in community support initiatives, complementing the school's vision is that every student reaches their God given potential and is a responsible, respectful, confident citizen that makes a positive contribution to the community.