Community support

Our community is highly dedicated to working with school and campus administrators as well as teachers to maintain, promote and advance the interests and welfare of the school.  Our teachers regularly comment that they’ve never experienced such a high level of community support as they have at Agnew.

Many charitable projects are initiated by the students themselves, who have learnt to become aware of current local and global needs, and welcome the challenge of being actively involved in assisting the wider community in any way possible. This involvement can vary from singing the elderly in nursing homes, to collecting sponsorships and generous donations for local charities through initiatives such as walkathons, door knocking appeals and gold coin days during school hours and in their own time.

Recipients include major hospitals, heart foundations, cancer awareness groups, emergency services, and local charities.

A responsible outlook in relation to humanity is encouraged in our students and through the School's Current Affairs program understanding is enhanced as to events that have ramifications on a local, national and global scale.